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Tower Features

Number of Floors:
The Total number of Floors are 35 and the internal division allows the best use of the allowed space.
Control and Communication Systems:
“Hamad Tower” is considered to be one of the smart Towers where it has been covered by “PMS” Network Control system and advance telephonic systems that allows it to be used through World Wide Web to conduct calls and other business meetings.
Air Conditioning:
The Tower has been equipped with “Chiller” Air conditioning system from “Carrier”. A back up Air conditioning system is also installed. Also all the basements are equipped with Ventilation system to ensure the availability of fresh air.
A Total of 9 High Speed Elevators from “Kone – Finland” are installed in the Tower. In addition to these Service elevator is also available.
Energy Management Systems:
The system aims to ensure maximum efficiency at the lowest Operational cost and is managed through World Wide Web. Generator is available for emergencies.
Access Control:
The system is used to Control Entrance to the Tower and to Intervene whenever necessary. In addition to that it is also a Surveillance system.
Camera Surveillance System:
The system is used to take Pictures, Record and save whatever is going inside the tower 24/7 and use a High Definition system from “Siemens”.
Fire Protection Systems:
The System includes Fireproof units that works alone or integrated with Fire Sensors and include pumps and fire boxes distributed all over the building. And also there is an Emergency generator that works automatically through automatic switching unit and Operates (3) elevators and emergency lighting and water pumps.
Internal & External Decorative Lighting Systems:
The external lighting is from “Philips” and is controlled through a PC. The Internal lighting works through movement sensors inside the Corridors and the Main Entrance lighting is from “Siemens” .
External Facades:
Given the height and curviness of the Tower and to ensure quality implementation of construction work, we have contracted with the biggest company specialized in Tower facades to execute the work according to German Standards with High Quality Thermal and Sound Insulation.
Cleaning of Facades:
The Tower is equipped with cleaning equipment of the external facades to ensure the external beauty of the tower throughout the year.


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